Cluster Transfer Rapid KT Through Maps

Remembering 1 Thing over Many (Communication | Memory | Context) What do we need to know and why? Memory The right information at the right time. Value Clusters in Context. (Maps and Links) Relationships  MEMORY STRATEGIES FOR REMEMBERING ( Become interested in what you’re learning. We’re all better remembering what interests us. Few people, for example, have a difficult […]

Mothers Day 2014

Thank you. I sat down to blog today and started thinking about the topics in my mind’s eye.  I couldn’t help but reflect on the fact that today is mothers day.   I wouldn’t be here in the position I am in today without my mother Irene and my wife Erin.   I wouldn’t have […]

Social Constructivist Learning @ Work

Learning Concepts — Basic Premise of Social Constructivist. The concepts that we have studied around learning for children can be applied to adults as well.  There isn’t some date or time that cognitive psychology just short circuits and expires.   As a KM practitioner and consultant I am finding that simple is more effective than […]