Parts Business need, plan, build, run, maintain, support.  Basics. I have worked for small business, large companies, government agencies, state and county.   From an IT perspective, things aren’t all too different.    The basics remain the same.   IT is always part of cost. Budget planning and actual spend historically had some form of […]

Trimming Back the Brush

It was the beginning of the summer and the bushes started to grow very quickly.  At first, they were just sprouting in all directions which created a messy disorganized very natural appearance.  A few weeks passed and they started to get bigger and overtake some of the other flowers and plants in the garden.   With […]

Decision Rights

There was an old man who lived in a mountain.  He was wise and smarter than all the people in the region. When tough decisions were to be made, people would go the mountain and call him down for advice and in most cases to decide on matters. One day a young boy was given three goats […]

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