Should We Always Expect the WORST in Products and Services?

A Week of Fails For every service we purchase, every ticket we buy, every item and every interaction, we should now expect less. I find myself having to reset my expectations every single day on the quality of goods and services purchased. Global companies are politicians making promises they simply don’t keep. The mission, vision […]

The Mentee

The Gift I considered this morning that if I make it to 90+ years old that I will always want a coach. The time that people have invested in me is the biggest gift I could have ever received. I think we often take mentorship lightly. There is always learning in both directions but the […]

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Incredibly Uncredible

Factoring in Relationships Overall, I have had a really good career. I started at the bottom in IT and worked my way into leadership stepping through many roles. Early on my work was very technical and as years past, the work become more technically abstract. What I’ve learned along the way is that nothing is […]

Asking Me Operations Goals and Planning

┬áProcess and Demand | Operations Goals / Plan Recently asked about high level strategic basics with outcomes. Providing a high level template with some places to start. Execution (Strategic Goals and Outcomes) Mission, Vision, Scope, Objectives tied to Overall Goals. Leadership laying out the foundation and principles to follow. Utilizes assigned and other resources to […]