Generation 0

The grass is dry The wells dried upWe’re poisoned by our paper cupsThe earth is swallowing houses wholeThe darkness dims our light from coalWhere men can’t find agreements in kindThere’s no way to know a man definedThe hurricanes swallow all to be It’s through that eye we all can see Death and viral loads abound […]

Please Stop Telling Me Where and How to Work

Survey Says Your opinion is essentially derived from nothing more than a Family Feud survey. Long before there was a global pandemic, I worked with companies to develop strategies concerning the digital workplace. I advised that workplace strategies were important to the extent they allowed individual leaders to work with their teams and people. Working […]

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones but Words They Can Destroy Me

Our Social World Popularity has always been of importance to human beings. Leaders throughout all human history are seen hovering over the masses and directing, guiding, instructing, influencing, and inspiring. All our stories have lead characters who we follow. Our lives are intertwined with people we follow, admire, and sometimes simply accept. We are a […]