Architecture Technology: Questions (DoD Specific)

1. What do we produce…so what…can anybody use it? 2. Do we interface with the customer properly? 3. How does the architecture concept relate to People, Process, Methods, Tools specifically related to the JMT, JCIDS and Federation, additionally cyber? a) Is our mission and tasking consistent with the needs of the greater community? Note* Architecture is […]

Not in great detail but enough to model a service (Trust Computing)

As written here derived from concepts defined in Thomas Erl’s SOA series.  The fundamental idea is that there are three levels of services Thomas takes great care to walk the spectrum and discuss use and reuse of services within the scope of the layer in order to accomplish the ultimate business objectives. The reason why this […]

Happy Fathers Day

When I woke up this morning the only song resonating in my head was   Our children bring out the best in us!  Fathers day is not just for us, it is for them.  I hope all of you have a great day and spend the time with you kids that you both deserve. 

Happiness Driven Growth Model

        Friedman points out in his NYT article that our earth is under considerable pressure  It is a sad reflection in a muddy pond.   If we think about all of the nonsense we deal with based on the perception that happiness has to do with wealth.    Interesting old paper here . […]

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