The Cost and Benefit of Feedback

The Pain of Communication As I believe firmly in coaching, I work with a coach myself.  My coach is a retired executive CIO with many years of experience.  The conversations we have are based on trust, honor, integrity, caring, and open dialogue.   Prior to working with him, we established a few rules and conditions. The […]

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Digital Workplace – 3 Options – Same Outcome

Ignore Ignoring what happens in the Digital Workspace is fairly common. It happens for a few reasons generally speaking. You didn’t know what was going on and had no time. You are too small or too consumed with other important issues and concerns. It doesn’t matter on the front end of business and it is […]

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The Last Writer

I have started to notice a trend in articles and stories popping up in news feeds. The frequency of writing has increased and the articles and notes seemed to be missing something. It wasn’t something I could put my finger on but rather something I felt as I read. I was curious to see how […]