“Quincy Magoo” You’ve Done It Again…

Do you remember Mr. Magoo? Magoo says ” I should have known your type…” as he yells at himself in the mirror.  He is angry for all of the things that were done to him and he was the cause. “Don’t waste your time and money..” Magoo wanted to get dance lessons as he misread a […]

Sequestration – Read___React___Respond

US Joint Force Command Anyone who has worked at JFCOM knows what is coming with sequestration.   They had a preview of how our government handles this sort of business.  For those of you that don’t know how this works, here is a story for you. Just a few years ago while working at (USJFCOM) […]

Curse of Blessings – A quick reflection on the Jewish experience in Hampton Roads.

A Little Background I didn’t grow up in Hampton Roads and prior to my coming here from the Navy, I didn’t have any knowledge of the Jewish community in this area.   I came to Hampton Roads when I joined the Navy let us say a few years ago.   As I have written in […]

How Microtransactions are Making you Bankrupt

It isn’t just In-APP Microtransactions are commonly mentioned in or referenced in mobile computing.  For this blog I am saying that this is the transaction model for more than just mobile devices; this is now our way of life.   We need to collectively stop this from being the business model of our future. Definition: […]