After Jan 27th Watch Your Credit Card Statement ~

Unless you live in  California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma, and Texas, where it is currently restricted to charge consumers an extra surcharge on transactions, keep your eyes on your credit card statement for “checkout” fees.   The fee can be up to 4%. Source:  

21 Days to something better.. It ain’t easy being you.

Be Positive, Work Hard, Success Will Follow There is a lot of talk about helping people but most of it is bullshit.   Today I want to pass on to you something that was given to me this year.  My friend Frank approached me after one of my blog posts and said.. “Howie, I […]

Why People Leave Online Communities

As a Forge.Mil Community Manager, I wanted to understand the psychology of online communities.   I spent a lot of time reading posts about why people stay online or leave communities.  I also wanted to develop measures and metrics that would create a clear picture at any given time for our leadership and other Community […]