Community Manager Forge

Community Manager for Forge.Mil   Up until the end of this week I worked for Booz Allen Hamilton titled as a Senior Defense Researcher.    The title was fairly generic allowing for me as a consultant / coach to help in a lot of areas.   Some in the technology industry don’t have any problem answering the […]

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A few days ago Applidium a mobile application company provided the world some insight on how to essentially hack Siri.  Cloud computing as an approach has certain characteristics and patterns from a development or managerial perspective but in consideration of the physical and logical disposition of technical resources most of us if not all of […]

Guiding Principles of the DoD Cloud Computing

Guiding Principles of the DoD Cloud Computing Effort The cloud effort will focus on significantly improving operational efficiencies in DoD data centers. These are enduring O&M reductions, not one time savings Examples: lower power consumption by half (more green), better server to admin ratio (lower labor), smaller data centers (less facilities) The cloud effort will […]