Ladies and Gentlemen this is your Captain Speaking PREPARE for a Bumpy Ride with MS Copilot

Simply Speaking Microsoft Ignorance Microsoft had a change management team which coordinated changes across many of their services. As late as 2020, they didn't have a good handle on change management and as a result, they made changes that caused business harm. I didn't have the same insight to their change practices in 2022 but …

Death Machine – Death Care

People buy gym memberships and drink poison water from their treadmills. As a society, we tolerate way too much when it comes to health care.

Our Fair World

While walking through the woods of Chernobyl the boy never realized the poisons beneath his feet. He walked through the ruins and was greeted by friendly wild dogs. The boy found an old playground as he walked past the sign that read "radioactive" without any knowledge of the danger. As the boy continued to explore …

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