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#Love # Respect

Business is personal.   I know that most folks say that business is business.   What the heck does that mean?  Why are we in business?  Some folks do it for money and others do it because they love it.  Business can only take place if more than one entity conduct some form of trade.  That is interesting isn’t it?   To actually do business, more than one party has to be involved in some way.    It means,  that we are not alone.

Either way, what matters is that you show respect for people that you serve and for those who help you.    Respect can come in many forms and we know that respect can come from a negative place as much as it can from a positive one.   One thing is clear, if you want to be rich with money, there are many ways to do it.   You can do it on your own by becoming an application developer and selling the next big thing through the app store.  You can become a You Tube sensation by downloading “Beats maker 17” and make up lyrics onto awesome beat tracks.  Of course on You Tube you can do all sorts of things to make money.   You can be a Wantreprenuer where you keep making up new businesses and get people to invest in them so that you can live off of the idea of a “ground breaking” opportunity.

Yup.. you can do that.   I think you can be successful without the burden of worrying about the money part.   What it boils down to is that whatever you choose to do in your life, you are a person before you are an asset.   You are a person before you are a CEO and you are a person before you are titled as a manager and boss.   If we lose sight of who we are as people and as citizens, everything turns to shit.   No matter how much money you make it won’t account for the love and friends you met and engaged along the way.  It won’t account for the relationships.  It won’t account for the sacrifice.  It won’t account for the missed opportunities with friends, children, parents and other loved ones.   It won’t account for how you made people feel when you were with them.

The elephant in the room is that at the end of the day when you are reaching out over the hospital bed to say good bye, will there be a hand to hold?  Who you are today as a person matters no matter where you are.  As we prepare for the next year, please consider that you have the ability to change lives.   Please consider that you have the ability to love and accept love.   Please consider that your success is tied to your behavior and how well you are respected.   You can easily lead with a carrot or a stick but the more difficult task is to lead with a clear mind and a heart that compels others to learn and find their own path.

In our world today, we hear so much hateful discourse, we accentuate our differences and hold these up for some accounting. Before I am a Jewish person, before I am a business man, before I am family man, before I am anything else, I am a human being and I believe we must remember who and what we are as we consider our practices in the future.    I wish you a happy and healthy new year and hope you will consider how you will practice being “you” in the days ahead.





Cutting the Cord 2015 (Happy New Year)

A few years back we had television through cable.   I was frustrated by the fact that the cable company kept raising the rates.  They charged us for every box, they charged us for channels that I wanted to watch in the form of packages.  They charged us with confidence that we were either too lazy or incapable of finding other options.

The alternatives seemed just as bad.   Going to DirectTV or Dish would have cost the same or more.  I thought I wanted FIOS but when I called Verizon the options felt the same.  Additionally, I wouldn’t be able to get FIOS until it becomes available sometime in 2030 or never.

The cable bill was about $130.00 dollars at the time which to most folks that seems pretty inexpensive except it isn’t.   I can think of a lot of other things I can do with a $130.00 dollars.  The reason it wasn’t $200.00+ was because my wife kept calling the cable company negotiating the number.

Today our cable bill is for internet alone.  We do have a bill but it is a lot less than $130.00 and we have more options.  There are a few tradeoffs but for our family none of these impacted us to an extent that were lasting.

While there are many ways to cut the cord, I will give you a short list here of what worked for me.

This was my first post about cutting the cord. RaspberryPizzle.jpg

By the way,  I went online and did a search about cutting the cord.  What I read was mostly garbage that directs people to use services like Netflix or Hulu.

Getting it..

I have 4 televisions.  Two have what I would call full functionality and the other two are limited.  The two that are limited are only limited because I didn’t care to run a wire.   I have less local channels on those two.   At this time I can watch all local channels in my region and I have some augmented abilities to watch on demand content.

I was located in Virginia Beach when I started trying to figure this all out.   I used to enter my zip code.  It tells you what tv stations are in your area and what kind of antenna will work best for you.   I also used which helped me point the antenna in the right direction.   For me antennaweb worked fine and was enough to get me in the right direction.  Although, I did play with the app.

Since I was within 30-50 miles of the tv stations, it was easy for me to go with small fractal antennas like or

I bought the flat panel Mohu Leaf but I wouldn’t recommend it as being better than most of the other products I played around with.  As a matter of fact, the best results came from antenna built by my friend Rob.  As shown in the first post about cutting the cord.

I decided to run all my testing on one television until I could get comfortable with the results.  Ironically, the television I chose was the one that was used most often.    After a few adjustments on a clear Sunday morning, I was “dialed in” and  had about 30 local channels.   Where I am today, I have about 50 over the air (OTA).

I wanted to have some on demand capabilities as well and I didn’t want to miss out on our Sunday football games.   Generally in Virginia I couldn’t watch my football team every Sunday unless I had an NFL package which my cable company didn’t offer.  I would have to go somewhere else or watch over another device.

In order to get on demand I did something like this which turned a little computer into a media center for me.  It was about $50 bucks all said and done but it was sluggish and I had to do a lot of work to make it the way I wanted.  The plugin I use for on demand sports is “SportsDevil”

No doubt I wanted to stay with XBMC which is now called Kodi but I wanted it to respond faster and I didn’t want to have to work hard to watch anything.  Some folks like to just use Netflix, Hulu or Plex ( from here but I wanted a little more flexibility.

I used the Amazon FireTv and sideloaded the Kodi application on it

Here are some other links to devices and options for Kodi

What is Kodi?

The easiest way for me to put it is.. an open source operating environment that allows you to have a very custom multimedia experience.  You can stream content or gain access to content on demand.  You can use preconfigured software packages like TVMC or you can customize it yourself.  The only limit on what content you have is the amount of time you want to invest playing around with it.

You can actually purchase preloaded systems too.  I am not recommending this one, it is just an example.

For me it was easy to sideload the FireTV but I realize that folks may not have time or desire to load it on there and it isn’t straight forward.

It isn’t perfect 100% of the time and since it is a customized experience some results will vary but I would trade what I had with cable for Kodi any day.  In fact, I probably watch more media than I did in the past because I have access immediately to content I am interested in.   I think my favorite is being able to look at content around the world and get a glimpse of how others live.

Happy cutting.. if you choose to go down this road.  Post questions if you have any.. I am happy to answer.


















Warranty Coverage

It is the holiday season and with all the neat toys and electronics we get to have the headache of dealing with them as they break.   There are a few easy things you can do to make your life easier and gain better overall protection for your stuff.

  1. Use a credit card to make your purchases.  Check with your company to make sure you have the warranty protection but most of the card today offer an extra year of protection.  They also (MasterCard) and Amex offer help to return products if they don’t meet your satisfaction.  That is pretty helpful..
  2. If you bought something like a computer and the warranty expires there is a chance that some of the components in the device are still covered.  For example, if you bought a network storage device, the hard drive warranty can exceed the warranty of the whole device.  You can check by going to the manufacturer and checking the serial number in their system.
  3. Keep the box,  even if you keep the original box for 3-6 months it makes it easier to return.

Hope you have a great holiday season.  I think getting stuff online overall has been easier and I know UPS and FedEx love my family,  when I see them these days they are hanging on my couch drinking a cup a joe.  At least it feels that way.  With all the great deals online, we really have to think about how we can make sure we get the best value of what we paid for and the ability to send stuff back if it doesn’t work out!